MarsTQM: Comprehensive Data Testing Solutions

What We Provide

ETL Testing

ETL testing in order to move data between databases is one of the most critical processes for every business. MarsTQM was created to help your organization in achieving the highest possible quality of ETL testing at minimal costs.

Datamart Testing

Nothing is more important to your business than data. In order to make sound business decisions, you must rely on the accuracy of that data every day. MarsTQM is ideally suited to test data marts, even those that have complex transformations.

Big Data Testing

Big data analysis is growing rapidly, but it’s inevitable that your big data will also come with bad data. In order to guide strategy and seize your competitive advantage, it is critical to test your data properly. MarsTQM is uniquely built to handle big data.

File-Based Testing

Our clients often need to migrate their data from files into databases. MarsTQM ensures that the migration process is tested thoroughly and accurately.

Completely Revolutionized ETL Testing Process

Improve your data quality while significantly reducing your costs